Saturday, January 10, 2009

I never knew you, you never knew me...but oh, if only!

In 1982, I wanted to write songs like this one (see below). Heck, I wanted to be the inspiration for such songs - a tawdry, glamorous siren treading carelessly over the hearts and minds of young, insecure, arty boys on her way to 'better things'. But while I was never anything close to being one of those girls (too plump, too shy, too scared), Marc Almond totally epitomised the kind of boy I'm talking about. Get those huge, sad eyes! Wither in the glare of that disdainful sneer! Lurve the finger-wagging, the emotive warble, the mysterious eye painted on the palm of the hand! He was just asking for a stomping-over, courtesy of my pointy, kitten-heeled, red vinyl boots (if, that is, he wasn't wearing them himself at the time). But of course, what I really wanted was to be cool enough to be his best friend evah

I really must get on with putting the finishing touches to the much-vaunted, too-long-in-the-pipeline New Romantic novella...

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